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About Us

Who I am

Hi! I’m Nicole, and I am the founder of the Better With Wine band. I’m 40, happily married (17 years and counting), and I have 7 kids ranging from 17 down to 7 years old. I work full time (remotely), and I also run a food and recipe website with my husband. (If you need Traeger Recipes or Blackstone Recipes, I’m your girl.)

I’ve been obsessed with singing my whole life. For as long as I can remember, my “happy” place has been wherever I can be as long as it is singing at the top of my lungs. Whether that was in the woods or singing along with my recorded tapes off of the radio as a kid, or the countless karaoke bars, open mics, or jam sessions that I’ve found myself at over the years, singing is what I love. I also spent about 5 years in a local Bluegrass Band, before we moved out of the area.

I’ve got no formal training, I know nothing about music theory, and if you ask me what key a song is in – good luck. I don’t know any of that stuff (yet), but I do know hundreds of songs and have a passion for performing and haven’t been gonged off of a stage (also yet) – so there is that.

Want to hear me in action? Check out our Music page for samples, and follow us on Instagram!

Who we’re looking for:

  • Do you really know your way around your instrument?
  • Do you do your homework before practice, and come prepared?
  • Are you looking to add more music to your life?
  • Do you enjoy the music from our setlists?
  • Do you enjoy my singing?
  • Are you reliable, dependable, and otherwise not a flake?

If you answered “yes” to those questions, you might be a good fit for the group!


While I am looking to have a solid core group of members, the band as a whole is not necessarily needing everyone to commit to long-term availability or to playing every gig. I’d like this group to be fluid, with many talented musicians able to plug in and play with us at the right venues and events for their style and talents.

Do you love one of our future setlists but not the others? You can choose to only play those particular songs or styles.

Only want to be considered for specific situations/events? That’s cool too. Just let us know what you prefer and we’ll try to find the perfect match.

2022 Game Plan

Here’s what I have in the works, and when I hope to make it happen.

Stage 1: Meet & Greet

I’m busy hopping around to all of the local jams and open mics that I possibly can, and meeting the local music community! Music is alive and thriving in the Puget Sound region, and I want to find the perfect fit(s).

Stage 2: Rehearsals

We’re going to get some interested parties together for rehearsals soon! Come and play weekly at our Port Ludlow home in our glorious 1-stall garage.

Or, nominate your garage or living room for practice at your place. We’re flexible!

Rehearsal lists will be distributed well in advance of practice, with the expectation being that you’ve run through it several times, are familiar with the songs, and can play it adequately. We want to have fun and play together while also being respectful of each other’s time, busy schedules, and family lives.

Stage 3: Booking & Playing

Ideally, I’d like to start booking gigs to play every 4-6 weeks once the core group is established.